ByteBit creates Minecraft for the Nintendo Wii!

One of our amazing community members and the creator of BetterSpades, @ByteBit, has created an incredible recreation of Minecraft… that runs on a Nintendo Wii :laughing: :exploding_head:

The level of detail and accuracy to the original game is impressive, but the fact that it runs on a Wii is extra impressive :grin:

Here’s a video by @ByteBit that showcases the project and describes some of the unique challenges he faced:

To be more specific, the project is a recreation of MC Beta 1.7.3 complete with dynamic lightning, ambient occlusion, animated textures, custom/special blocks and more.

Thanks for sharing your project with us @ByteBit!

You can find a download link here:

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Amazing work @ByteBit :exploding_head:

Looks amazing. I forgot the wii existed

Who has a wii still?

still do :slight_smile: its gotten more use than my wii U

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Pinging @BR1 'cause I know he’ll appreciate this project :smile:

we just had to wait 8 years

Obviously as a hoarder that i am. I still got my wii in the attic . Might have to dig it out lol

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