Bye Miami, aloha Chicago! New AoS server location!

Hello everyone! :wave:

As you may have read in our 2023 rewind post, we were rather… underwhelmed with our new server location on the east coast of the US. We had lots of reports of poor connection from some players, which eventually led us to the conclusion that our host had poor networking/routing.

So with that in mind, the @staff-sysadmin team has decided to pounce on the opportunity for a new host that should :pray: have much better routing and networking capabilities! We are now located in Chicago, with our host being nfoservers!

Moving servers is not an easy task, but we felt like this was necessary. While the ping on our AoS servers was stable and improved for some players, others had the exact opposite experience. Our goal with this move is to make sure we see improvements and stability with all our players.

When we said the sysadmin team had to pounce… they pounced with little time to test everything :sweat_smile: Issues are expected, so if you do notice anything please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! You can use the Report A Bug category here on the forum, or reach out to us on Discord.

We’re hoping our new server gives you, and everyone else, a better AoS experience! :heart:

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Feb. 8th Update:

After 2-ish days of downtime, our servers are back online!

We had to abruptly shut our servers down on the 6th to address a serious issue that was degrading the entire host’s performance.

A massive thanks to @001 for staying up into the early hours of the mornings to help readjust, reconfigure, and fix everything that needed fixing.

As a heads up… we didn’t have a whole lot of time to test before relaunching everything, again :sweat_smile: We’re still expecting a few issues and we’ll for sure be restarting servers here and there.

Apologies for the downtime, and ty for your patience :heart_hands: