Bye Bye Aloha

With AoS 1.0, there won’t be any more private servers!

**** you Jagex.

I’m pretty sure that you can actually pay to host private servers; let’s see how it goes.

But yes, f*ck Jagex

More security is a big plus for me.
I’m personally happy with everything they said, even with the privately hosted servers.
Sadly, people can’t accept the change and are bitching about it, which is just going to make the whole situation even worse.

You see it won’t add more security. Aloha (just using it as an example, there are many others) has top of the line hosting with top notch security measures. What Jagex is doing is basically taking servers like Aloha and Minit and and centralizing them, making less of them available. This means that there are less servers to hack. That means it will be less secure than before.

Just look at MC, security is definitely not an issue for them.

You can have both, more security and privately hosted servers.
I don’t understand what are you happy about here. Is it up your alley that there are less options?

Pretty much everything else they said was PR talk. “We add features! That we can’t tell you now… but they’ll be great!”

Worse how?
And they are bitching about it because many of those people have spent considerable amount of time in game, had great time, and they care about it. The game will go Jagex’s way anyway, why do you deny those complaining the only thing they can do now?

Many of you might have realized by now that i’m a very optimistic person, I try to find something good in everything, which may annoy some people, so i’m sorry about that.
Also, what I meant by people making the situation worse is that Jagex WON’T listen to the community (if they ever decide to) if the community keeps on shitting on them.

Jagex doesn’t listen anyways. Why? Because the community has so many differing opinions on everything if Jagex does one thing half the community quits the game if Jagex does another thing the other half quits. So they go their own way.

I discussed about this yesterday with tGM and Stack yesterday on the IRC. Aloha and all private servers can still run on .75 as long as they want, but they cannot update to 1.0. What this means for us? Obviously less players on the server. The up side, custom run servers with no Jagex and possibly a small community of players. According to Jagex, they want to run their own servers for “security.” Like it or not Jagex, running the game on their own or private servers do not help stop hacker. In the end, most of the original players are going to leave and the new ones won’t even care about this issue.

I hope aloha hosts 0.75 servers. PLEASE DO!
If there ain’t many players there is possibility to add bots (search on youtube) so it would be still interesting
I have so many ideas now that could be done with 0.75…

Th wost thing about 1.0 is no modding (most probably) and maps won’t be the same.

something to look forward to if u get 1.0 is there will most likely be an influx of noobs, so we should have an advantage in experience. Might enjoy owning some noobie runescape fanboys. xD

Lol twisted, you have a point there lol.
But I seriously think that private servers should still be aloud…

How insightful, I quit RuneScape when they banned all the bots.
why did I quit?
because like it or not, the bots made the game more fair believe it or not, and it kept prices down.
(do, I was not a botter)

Wait can’t we host 0.75 server. It just won’t be advertised in the Master List. Why don’t we make our own master list?
There is one like already.

the is linked to the Jagex master server.

And yes, we can still run the server. You will just have to type the server address into the web browser.

OR the aloha launcher file

I’m with Chase_UC.

Anyone know what the new AoS version costs?

JaGeX is ballparking it at $10, though I’m not sure if that’s the final price or just a baseline (with DLC and P2W elements for more monies…)

Update: There won’t be pay for stuff in game, but there will be DLC’s.

You really can’t blame them, have to make money somehow. Just be glad that jagex won’t add uber weapons to the game and make it P2W. That just kills games for the new people. NOW perhaps if they gave the older community a gift of some sort for being on for its testing, that might make me want to play 1.0 just a BIT more.