Bux`s trusted application

Why do you want trusted password : I will not do this if i`m innocent but they are votekicking me for SHUT UP, PUSSY etc. Thats why I want to stop them. Admin/staffs said it only need to become /cancel so I did not got my justice so I dont want to feel that feeling again
Which aloha do you play often : Aloha.pk Tower of Babel, Aloha.pk Pinpoint, Aloha.pk Human Vs. Zombies
What your common in game name : Bux

you’re supposed to apply in the trusted app topic, you don’t make a new one


No worries, we all make mistakes.

I applied on the thread you said

Trust me. It can take a while.


Patience is the key :slight_smile:
took me 3~4 months to get it so good luck~