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ButterSpades is a fork of BetterSpades, which aims to improve its look and feel, while preserving its unique gameplay experience.

What’s different?

  • Improved HUD
  • Customizable UI colors, padding, spacing, shadows
  • Improved UI scaling, making better use of screen space
  • Spectator ESP
  • Chat colors (OpenSpades-like), in killfeed too
  • Bigger chat history when opened
  • Settings and controls customizable in-game

Who is this for?

If you like the modern UI of OpenSpades, but prefer the VOXLAP experience, then this should be a good compromise!

What’s to come?

This is developed in my spare time, please manage your expectations.

  • Bug fixes
  • Moddable UI and HUD via .DLL/.so
  • Better mod management (separate mod folders, toggle-able instead of overwriting files)
  • Special HUD elements for gamemodes like Arena, FFA, Babel, …
  • macOS/Linux builds




Hey buddy! how its goin?
I want to make a request, and that request is ButterSpades for 32bits.
Im a 32bits gamer and i LOOOVE AoS, especially the BetterSpades client, but i have a problem with it especifically BetterSpades isnt really customizable so, could u make a 32bits version of ButterSpades? i would be so grateful!

Yours truly: Deltaverse

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Hey! Good suggestion, I think I underestimated how many people still use 32bit computers these days.
In general I think ButterSpades needs some new features and bugfixes (config is pretty broken at the moment).
I’ve been pretty busy with other occupations, which is why it hasn’t been very active for the past few months (my other projects too).

I’ve added a 32bit build to the download section, please let me know if it works :slight_smile:

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