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ButterSpades is a fork of BetterSpades, which aims to improve its look and feel, while preserving its unique gameplay experience.

What’s different?

  • Improved HUD
  • Customizable UI colors, padding, spacing, shadows
  • Improved UI scaling, making better use of screen space
  • Spectator ESP
  • Chat colors (OpenSpades-like), in killfeed too
  • Bigger chat history when opened
  • Settings and controls customizable in-game

Who is this for?

If you like the modern UI of OpenSpades, but prefer the VOXLAP experience, then this should be a good compromise!

What’s to come?

This is developed in my spare time, please manage your expectations.

  • Bug fixes
  • Moddable UI and HUD via .DLL/.so
  • Better mod management (separate mod folders, toggle-able instead of overwriting files)
  • Special HUD elements for gamemodes like Arena, FFA, Babel, …
  • macOS/Linux builds