Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box

Anyone got it? I bought it for like 50 cents from G2A and I’ve now 100%'d the game and I have to say it is one of the best games for multiplayer with friends. Just, how can you not laugh as your Monster Truck grinds their F1 to peices. It has amazing damage physics, and you’ll often cringe when you see your beauty grind to pieces. I’m probably gonna get another 50 cent copy for the Steam version too, I’m not sure.

The physics are arcade-y but not overly basic. The gameplay is amazingly smooth, everything is completely open-world. If you haven’t got it, please go try it! Here’s some Nerd^3’d footage which I found on the internets:


I played Burnout 2 on the gamecube. Good game, good memories lol. The boost effect seems kind of cheesy on this one though.

Don’t buy game cube! Go to emuparadise.me n Download a gc emu and get da game boom u have it :slight_smile:

I already have a gamecube and I already have the game… why would I buy it again anyways?