Buildings collapsing at Pinpoint

On Pinpoint a couple of days ago buildings fell because of no reason. The lowest blocks on structures continuously started disappearing. No tracers impacted the blocks and no spade noises were made, so it cant have been griefers or the enemy. It happened to both sides, Blue and Green, and seemed to take place near the front line.

do you remember what day it was? take a look at the staff list too and see if you remember seeing one of the admins online at the time this was happening.

It might of been your connection. And your sound could’ve been lagging.

Apparently this “ghost” griefer has been doing this on babel too when I was playing. My first suspects were maybe that it was just someone hiding, but I guess it’s some admin going invisible and doing it. I could not find what caused it and I couldn’t hear spade or gun noise either.

i was playing on babel and someone griefed the heaven…

Can you recall the day and maybe around what time these events took place?

It would be very easy to find out if an admin went invisible while playing on any server.

i dont remember. When that happened i explained what happened on aloha IRC…

For fun and lolz guessing.

My guess, izzy is screwing with us.

I checked the logs and found nothing when it was happening.

I think something similar might have happened a few minutes ago on the babel server. A huge, solid structure was gone in seconds, without any noticeable activity from the enemy team.

How did he griefed the heaven maybe your lagging?

I was playing a babel map where the blue’s building station is water so they built platforms, then everything suddenly fall down…but i gotta say it was amazing :smiley:
This was at Jan 4

will you guys please post specific dates/times and any other relevant information such as the server it’s happening on? this sounds very suspicious and i want to get to the bottom of it.

Speaking of which…in babel almost half a year ago, the cloud was griefed. So this has been hapening for a long time.
@Izzy…this was so long ago I couldn’t remember the date or time. Sorry man…

Caught sight of this topic, and I wanted to chime in and say that I’ve noticed some weird stuff before, myself.
Sometime back in late November or very early December, while playing as blue on the Island map on Babel, I noticed some of the rocks near blue’s spawn area being dug away in a straight line. Right in front of me, no less.

And then two or three times throughout December, there were some instances where the heavens would get destroyed, seemingly out of nowhere. I know I mentioned in the IRC chat two of the times it happened - when it had occurred twice in the same night. Sometime between the…18th to the 23rd? Maybe earlier than that by a few days.

Odd thing is that when it would happen, I don’t think there was any way for a player to climb up and reach the heavens (no towers could reach the intel at the moment), but that may just be my faulty memory convincing me of that.


I wasnt lagging when this happened ping was around 100 and no admins were around either

What about that SuperSpade hack? I votekicked someone for somehow destroying blocks 50 meters away instantly on tdm. It was ages ago, (probabbly 0.70) but I was so “WTF!?” when I saw him doing it… xD

The only potential cause of this that I can think of other than some extended reach rapid hack is an administrator using a /delfloor-like command from a pyspades build script.