Builders on Pinpoint

Over the last few days,Iv been playing on the pinpoint server alot more often.In this game,half of the game is too build and the other half is a FPS.For some reason,people join the server for the soul perpose to build.With people doing this,not only does this make a team have less players[in the battle],it ruins the game for all the players on the team.This is a similiar situation to-the zombies using guns-.It ruines the entire server letting these kinds of people stay.Please try to encourage players to actually play the game.Its for everone’s sack.I already know that some guy who only builds is gana moan and complain about this post.Im just going to tell you all now that I don’t care about youre posts.The only psts i care about on this is the admins’ posts.

why are admin posts more important?

having the freedom to do whatever you want is part of the fun. if people want to build let them build i say. players come and go, conditions change naturally in time anyway. lack of objective participation is a sign of game design flaw, but it’s a widespread problem that exists in all games. we can encourage but we cannot force.

Building is as much part of the game as killing,you need builders to kill them and you need killers to build barricades to stop them.

When you think about it, you wouldn’t be alive to kill others if it weren’t for your builders. Their buildings are keeping you out of fire from the enemies.

No, I know what matrayo was talking about.

He (she?) is cool with people making sniping towers or walls and stuff.
In fact, I saw him (her?) do it as well.

The problem is when people do pixel art in the back or draw big penises that contribute nothing to the game. In fact, they’re often griefed and leave behind messy terrain which makes rushing from the back forward difficult.

I’m somewhat neutral on the situation: if people want to build, then they can build. But I’ve had the pleasure of having a 5v5 with the other 4 players in my team playing basketball with pixel art and grenades.

Apparently you weren’t smart enough to fully read my post before posting this.

Im a dude btw 8)

Pixel art can be rather annoying, but retaliating against it (via griefing when they are still building) DOES NOT help.

Griefing in any way, will result in build rights being removed. The exception I give is if it is pixel art, and the artist is now GONE.

So please do not grief or even tell them not to build whatever they are doing, as the faster they finish means the faster they leave. (This applies only for non-productive builders)

Unless of course they just want to make pixel art only. Aloha should have a pixel art server.

Apparently you do not want to expand your view of this topic even when confronted with opinions arguing the other side. Building isn’t always about purpose, sometime’s people just want to build because they want a dream brought to life, man

one up for the Jman

I can see both sides, amen and ^5 jyro and alot of these players are young kids who will probably just die in the midst of battle very fast anyow, and have! exploring your creative side is never a bad thing. I have been on pinpoint before and the exeption i see is when they build a foretress wall with no opening. to get through, your options from spawning are to a: go around via water, or b: go over it if you can, or C: goind through it. Me, I have to choose C by knocking a door through it. All in ALL ive probably been saved from getting killed by a few thousand of their art designs and forts! sometimes yes its annoying try to think of it as another challenge!