Buildcon full

Soooo, a whole bunch of us are missing buildcon. Why? THE SERVER IS FULL. Next time, run it on 64 players or have a backup server, please.

yeah or were gonna explode

Oh, that’s why I couldn’t get in.

I’m glad it’s a success at least.

How can they start early. :-\

You need to increase the amount of players on buildicon. LIKE NOW.


its kinda empty now…

It’s not possible for AoS servers to have any more slots than 32.

I barely made it in, but the only thing that i built was a small tall boat near the greens spawn :l

There are scripts in development to allow 64 player hosting.
Hopefully these will be complete by next year :smiley:

Solution: Get 2 servers… OR

Go do something else.

Tough Luck. If you were in the IRC… You wouldve gotten in… cough AEM cough