BuildCon 2013 = huge success!

the turnout for BuildCon 2013 was great! many familiar and fresh faces showed up to express their creativity through in-game building. thanks to Thelionmaster for planning the event, staff for keeping it playable, and all who participated. here’s the final result after about 10 hours:

these screen shots and many more viewable in full-size at: BuildCon 2013 - Album on Imgur

download the map itself:

video overview by Seal:









That was great fun. We need to schedule another soon

lol at the big ass hole by the angry green guy. That was the best part of the build, making the big ass hole

This was obviously the best part of that whole map, who agrees? :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree, except someone griefed the “a” an “d”.
It should be like this

wow… some very impressive structures there. must’ve been fun.

That looked sooo much fun…I wish I could’ve been there.

I wish I could have made it :frowning:

It was lots of fun I finally got to slip in and build my starburst palace and siggy.

Most memorable AoS game right here can’t wait till next year!

This was a VERY fun event. Thanks to everyone who participated. It would not have been good at all if it weren’t for all the participants.

i think it looks awesome. i heard that izzy is working on a building mode, i thought that in my opinion it would be buildmode and you build straght and can only destroy your own blocks for 2 hours then for 30 minutes its free destroy then 30 more minutes its the normel ctf then repeat. how would that be
plus it would be a seperate and new 1 so we wouldnt take off any others and it all you choice,
maybe the 2 hours be 1 hour.

Build friendly pyspades scripts would’ve helped.

I really liked it, sadly i built the worst thing on it, that pirate boat near greens spawn :l

Sorry I couldn’t make it. Seemed like fun. Job well done everybody.

It was actually cool IMO. Nothing on BuildCon was bad.

Wow nice map, there are actually pretty good pixxel-art ;D (Except the Komrades one ::slight_smile: )

pikachu has penis! :o

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