BuildAndShoot Website and Master Server List Down?

The website and its server browser is down at the moment and I don’t know why… I was playing Ace of Spades on OpenSpades when suddenly the game won’t load the server list… This started on about 2 PM GMT8+ (or something like that).

Anybody got some clues to what’s going on? :-\

Website and master list is working for me

Oh hi Sniper! Didn’t expect you to be here. As I stated, there is a problem with the website for me that seems to be frequent and that the site keeps being down, at least according to the page that replaces build and shoot that says the host is offline by cloudflare. It is very annoying and it seems OpenSpades is using the list by build and shoot, so the servers would not load because the site itself won’t load (at least for me). It is either the fault of my internet speed, or cloudflare being the crud it is.

Anyways, it doesn’t seem that build and shoot is down, and all the warnings that keep popping up about the host being offline is all BS. I really hate Cloudfare as it really is annoying to use the site it is under due to the fact it won’t load if you have a crap internet and say connection timed out. I might as well recommend to the github page of yvt to add the option to choose which server list site to use or something like that… Anyways, that’s pretty much all I have to say, and I might as well close the thread

Hey OtakuKent,
If CloudFlare is telling you the host is down, I’m pretty sure that means the BnS server is down and that CloudFlare is operating normally. That is really weird because I haven’t had any trouble with the in-game master list.
You can see the master list with all its JSON glory here:
If you keep having this issue, you can always direct connect to a server.

Yes, OpenSpades does use the BnS master list. There has also already been some talk about creating an independent server list on the GitHub issue:

Just so you are aware, I wouldn’t recommend creating an option in OpenSpades to choose a server list because:

  • As long as BnS hosts the master list, there is no need to maintain another
  • Creating a server list exclusive to OpenSpades will split the player base
  • The majority of players won’t realise the existence of alternative lists
    However, if BnS does go down for good or becomes too unreliable, an alternative server list should replace it.

Quotes from GitHub issue:

Creating separate server list (compatible with Ace of Spades and OpenSpades):
“Both Ace of Spades and OpenSpades behave similarly, so, in my opinion, there’s no point on creating a separate server list that would be compatible with both anyway” - feikname
“Many don’t even pay attention to the server browser and the forums, I doubt a substantial amount would even realize your portal exists.” - feikname

Creating separate server list (OpenSpades exclusive):
“Even if they were to be substantially different, there is already a project to create an OpenSpades-compatible only server list, using a next-gen protocol, but the development is effectively abandoned for now. This should be focused instead (on the future)” - feikname
Many play Ace of Spades (classic) because it’s the only thing their PC can run, so OpenSpades is out of question for them. (I can tell from experience, it wont work on older PCs)” - feikname


Yeah, I know… It’s quite an inconvenience though, having to copy paste and searching for a different server list when BnS is down (unless it’s BetterSpades, you need to copy it by hand >:()

As for alternative server list, I agree with you, 100%.

As for the issues with Cloudfare:

I was confused making the post at the time so I was mixing different errors as the same as “connection timed out” looks the same as “host is down” error, only the text is different (and I am used to seeing websites timed out just display a built-in error function in the browser itself). Hope this cleared up my previous mistake of saying only “host is down” errors were popping up, woops :stuck_out_tongue: .