Build & Shoot Museum !

Build & Shoot Museum !

Let’s draw a picture!
When you find an attractive picture, Let’s post this thread ! :slight_smile:

This picture was drawn by tatuem.

His picture is very wonderful.

by engawa
He also is very nice player :slight_smile:


Do they have to be drawings or can they be screenshots too?

Assuming we’re supposed to make them from scratch, but I’m sure a screenshot would be okay.

I have an image for your little museum but idk who made it and dont remember where I got it from.

I can’t express in words how moved I was…!!!

By mubou  :wink:

by tatuem  8)

By engawa  :slight_smile:


By vippei

I like him!  :wink:


「寂しいdeuce 」 by engawa


What is this ?!
Is it a intel? :smiley: Very funny ! NICE!!

yea is an intel, haha

Nice pictures everyone!
The second one on the second one is NASTEH ;c

Who is ‘tatuem’?

He is Japanese friend :smiley: