Build&Shoot error when installing

So i was installing B&S and it got this error
What went wrong? I was getting it to use Pubovl, as it doesn’t work on OpenSpades(afaik). I had not injected the .dll file yet, or anything like that.
Appreciate any replies greatly,

Try installing “.net framework 3.5” and Visual Studio Redistribute 2010 version (both x86 and x64) versions just to be safe, try downloading these and tell us if they fixed your problem

I tried installing them both, .net framework wouldn’t do anything when i opened it to install, it would just close (i had probably already installed it, probably from Steam.)
VSR i have a higher version of so it wouldn’t let me install. Let me test it again, just in case.
OK, so i uninstalled B&S and used to AoS client instead, and it works fine as far as i know. Appreciate the help still.