Build Server Update!

Build Server Update

The SuperCool build server has been reset! Unclaimed sectors, a new map, and endless building possibilities!

The old map has changed a lot throughout the years and looks absolutely incredible as we retire it.

Old Map

Download the old map here.
Download the old map platform data here.

The new map, however, is ready for change!

New map

Want to build on the new map? Go to our build-only server Guide to learn the details and commands!


is the previous map available for download somewhere?

Added download links to the original post, thanks!

Lots of progress in a bunch of sectors already!

nobody will surpass my precious Goomba

how do I make plain my area?
I mean i dont want to destroy each block until the water level

The command you’ll probably want to use is /db. (“destroy box”). It will prompt you to destroy 2 corner blocks and will then destroy everything inside of the corners of the box you made.

There are a TON of super useful commands that can be found in the build server guide.

Even more progress being made!