Build and splat: a new game mode for AoS Classic by OpenSpades creator yvt

your gun is now a paintball gun; the goal of this game mode is to help your team “paint” more blocks than the enemy team before the clock runs out. shooting teammates heals them, shooting enemies damages them, and shooting blocks - you guessed it - paints them. the gameplay is similar to Nintendo’s Splatoon game.

created by OpenSpades creator yvt. thanks to onigiri for sending us this fun gift. :smiley:

TO PLAY, enter aos://1379434439:55887:0.75 in your web browser’s address bar or look for build and splat on the server list at or in OpenSpades.

UPDATE January 12, 2016:


Great to see a new gamemode

I remember playing it. The only thing I ask is to have more players, it’s fun.
Also, thanks, Onigiri. :slight_smile:

Spray SMG and watch the wins roll in.

btw izzy is this script available online? I would like too see what makes it tick.

Do I see a February FSOM gamemode? :slight_smile: Thanks yvt and onigiri!

Good idea. I’m real good at Splatoon, so me body is ready. :T

Splatoon gg

Plz, incorporate spadewars into this.
Incorporate the blood script from zombies into this
But have the blood colored for the team that made the kill/hit
Then you get the build and splat & spadewars.

Also, squids.

The ability to swim in your color paint right? Was thinking about that when I was playing last night.

Yep. I meant that.

current map cycle:

"maps" : ["kishimen", "island", "driftice", "catseye"],

please suggest names of other maps that you think would be good for this game mode. better if they’re on the smaller side.

we’ve greyscaled the maps (thanks Danke) so it’s easier to see the paint:

Looks awesome!!!

Wish more people played this game mode… I honestly find it more enjoyable than babel.

Side note: it seems that the block-placing sound plays even if I’m shooting a spot that is already saturated with my team’s paint. Does the script check if the blocks already belong to your team before replacing them? Block replacement seems to induce a lot of lag (not to mention, it would replicate to the rest of the clients, consuming more bandwidth than it should)

True that. It’s boring when you play alone. :frowning:

Nice new gamemode! I’m looking forward to play it :slight_smile: