Bug report for avsmallfort arena

I’ve observed a recent bug in avsmallfort where different people somehow were able to go through the gate before it was broken. I know this wasn’t a hack because several different people did it. Someone even started a votekick because they blamed the guy for teleporting. I’ve even experienced the glitch and I think it happened only in that map. There was someone there named infogulch who canceled several votekicks before but supported everyone to votekick the “hacker.” I don’t know if he is a server guard or admin.

This is a bug within the game. Ask the owner or someone else affiliated to fix the gates and give the map dl to izzy.

I know it is.

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I know it is.

Then why waste time posting it? I swear, you are not 17.

it’s a pyspades glitch. unfortunately the issue’s priority was downgraded even though it’s a huge problem on arena, so it probably won’t be fixed anytime soon. we have been “patching” arena maps and are continuing to do so to try to deal with the problem but it’s a never-ending process.

if the arena gates are at least two blocks wide players won’t be able to escape the spawn areas. i did this for some maps but there are others that still need to be thickened.

if you see people intentionally abusing the glitch please /kill them and ask them to stop. if they continue to abuse it after you’ve killed them a few times go ahead and temp ban them.

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To inform izzy, please don’t say I’m not 17. This is why I dont like telling my age, (even though i did) because it makes me feel like your a pedophile, and that’s not a good thought for someone like me now, is it? :-\