Bruce Wayne

21:35 UTC

You can see at about the 1 minute mark where he goes for a guy underground. Was using no recoil with SMG but switched to rifle right before I started recording.

This video is also private, please make them unlisted or public.

Should work now

well i guess i should reply…

first off, i’m disappointed i was hoping for better evidence. i’m not sure how while processing or uploading that you didn’t realize that the evidence for ESP was pretty bad. i’ll start by saying that it was easy to know that someone was there, he was shooting a shotgun, which you can hear easily, and you can see the spray coming out of the top of the tree. furthermore as you can see “Bruce Wayne” was digging quit randomly as though he wasn’t sure where he was going. after all this a skillful player, like yourself, should be perfectly capable of seeing that there was no ESP. you were in the spectator team for quit a while watching “Bruce Wayne” and during that time you should have realized that there was in fact no ESP.

second, and most importantly, “Bruce Wayne” was not hacking sorry.

I wrote all this because honestly i expected more out of you, you’ve been around long enough that you should know when someone is cheating.

I am curious though as to what drew you to check on “Bruce Wayne” as a “hacker”?

I think everyone who reports should make much longer videos. it’s a lot harder to tell if someone is hacking with a short video, especially when concerning ESP.

Otherwise, lmao Thufman ;D

Edit: it’s okay Kikk, just be a bit more careful next time you think someone is hacking.

The length of the video really doesn’t matter much. It’s quality, not quantity. If you think there is plenty of evidence in a 20 second video, by all means, use it.

Thanks for reporting Kikk, it’s always appreciated. (even when you’re reporting “Bruce Wayne”)

I just mean it’s a lot harder to tell if you’re trying to convict someone of ESP with a short video.

Actually the reason was because on two different occasions I was spaded while in the mountain. The first time was perfectly acceptable as I had fired a shot about a second before I was spaded, the second time I had not even made it to the end of the tunnel when suddenly I was hit. Both times he was “randomly” walking by. The first time could have been explained by my weapon poking out or a tracer being seen, the second was not as he had already jumped from behind some blocks with his spade out before I had even poked my head out (I was at least two blocks back from the opening when I was hit so no way my weapon was poking through). Dunno, maybe some people just randomly jump around in the mountains using their spade in the hopes of finding someone. I was also not digging at the time.

Also it was obvious there was no recoil on the SMG, however before I could figure out how to record the video he switched to rifle. The entire video was only about two minutes and while some was suspicious, it was not enough evidence. This was the first time I had actually been successful in getting the .dll to work as well as the recording software.

Yes, I missed the bullet tracers coming out of the tree.

Also, if this was you, then by all means, be disappointed. I am disappointed that there are so many hackers and aimbotters on the server and it is extremely hard to get an admin response much of the time.

Those are perfectly sound reasons for suspecting someone. But you should also remember someone players edit the footstep or jumping sounds make so it appears louder, and if you heard moving around wouldn’t you check around corners? Also, skilled players can almost obliterate the smg recoil by slowly pointing downwards while shooting. I suggest checking more thoroughly if it’s a case of ESP.

This experience should not, however, stop you from making reports. Thank you for reporting those you think are suspicious.

Now I’ll let you in on a little secret: Our friend here Bruce Wayne has another alias (No not Batman)