Bounty System Idea

This is a new idea I have been thinking of to be on the server. So, the have this system, you volunteer to the system and you put a bounty on yourself. It would be more fun that way.

You kill people to collect the bounty if you volunteer.
You also defend yourself from the people trying to get your bounty.
You also get your stuff back if you get killed.
Fighting for fun WILL NOT count for the bounty.
You fight with what is on you.
You can fight back to get the other person’s bounty also.

To collect bounty, you must have a screenshot of who you killed and post it on the topic. I will then remove that bounty from the list. Remember. You only kill the people on the bounty if you are in it.

Asian Guy- Bounty 2 Diamonds

I’m not sure if people will necessarily volunteer for this.

Why would people go out of their way to have a chance of being killed by someone? You will most likely say “it’s just for fun,” but I’m not so sure if that will be fun to others who doesn’t necessarily enjoy getting chased by a rabid killer like me. It’s just pointless for someone to put a “bounty” on themselves and get nothing out of it. Real life bounty works because the person with a bag of cash on their head committed a crime, most likely benefiting immensely from it, which mitigates the negative aspect of being hunted down by someone else. The “bounty” you are suggesting has no favorable compensation for the people being hunted. It would be something like “someone stole a chest of diamonds so we gotta kill him” (which will get you insta-banned) for this system to work, or some kind of compensation if one evades capture for a certain amount of time that they are online for.

However, I don’t really see the problem with this if it’s a voluntary thing.

With that said, I will have fun chasing people down. I will kill you, Asian and Atrain.

Anom, you gotta volunteer to do this. Then killing wouldn’t be right because it wouldn’t be fair.

It would be an interesting thing to do in ferrari’s coliseum

My entire argument didn’t focus on whether or not this will turn the server into a RDM. It was on whether people will actually volunteer for this or not.

you said you chasing me down.

Maybe if we could volunteer other people.

Without telling them.


I’ve got a banhammer and I will use it to enforce the laws. People who violate and kill others unprovoked or WITHOUT APPROVAL from the other party will face punishment.

Ah, I apologize, Asian. I misunderstood your concept as being people able to kill people with bounty on them without having a bounty on themselves. Talk to the admins and see if they are okay with it first though because this involves killing and I’m (monsta to a certain extent) the only one who actively kills people although it happens rarely nowadays.

People that don’t have a sense of humor should face punishment.

well, in the Official rules of the server. it says that if they agree to be killed they get killed. you pretty much agree when you volunteer.

I’ve only killed you purposely. I accidentally killed evildandis with lava and Pun with a bow. You’ve also dropped an anvil on my head, but that was to make people crack up on the server.

It seems like you are always trying to prove yourself to me and others by attempting to kill me right after when I kill you. lol
I find it quite amusing. <3

Just revenge baby :stuck_out_tongue:

anom, you didnt even apply to it. so… lol

I’m not interested in killing for 2 diamonds. I only kill when I want to kill or when there’s a reward bigger than 2 dia.

To enrage anon, make a giant glass statue, then blow it up with TNT