Bomberman - Game Mode

hello everyone, I come to share this with the comunity of aloha.

This mode of play is Bomberman, you can only use bombs to kill your enemy, in this case the bombs would be replaced by a red cube.
This script is from yuyasato and is one of my favorites, for which I have modified it a bit to make it more fun.

2 teams (2 members per team)

  • White
  • Black

-Each game consists of 20 kills, the team that reaches 20 will win the round.
-Each bomb will damage -50HP
-Your bombs and those of your team will not damage you
-When killing a player you will be given +50HP
-To put a bomb you need to crouch
-You can only destroy the green blocks and not the pillars of sky color.
-There are no weapons.
-Your spade does not damage
-The grenades do no damage

Admin Command:

/rst   To start the game.

It is only necessary to put this command when you open the server, you will not have to put it in the next rounds because it will be placed automatically.


Currently only has 1 map:

There are only 4 spawns, and they are random


(this video was made before I modified the game mode but it is the same dynamics :slight_smile: )

(current video)

bomberman.rar (5.79 MB)

Gj :3

Wanna play this gamemode my friend, good work to you and yuyasato.

This looks sick, thanks for sharing!