bns client broken

hey guys,
sorry for asking too many questions but my client has stopped working.
when i go to any serverlist (i’ve tried multiple) and click on the server,
the game dosent start up. so i have to copy the link adress and direct connect.
also sometimes my internet drops out for a couple of seconds and the game closes and i get the “server disconnect”
error box thing. now it just immediately closes with out a message or anything.

Restart bns client?

Hmm. Yes you should restart your BnS Client.
That’s a weird error, if it still shows, reinstall BnS. Just use the Launcher located on and click “Downloads” in the top right corner!
Also, there is nothing wrong with asking many questions! It doesn’t make you a newb, noob, or any sort of that type of person.
Feel free to ask questions, I recommend going on webchat quake net, username of your choice, and going on to channel #aloha. Usually you would get a fast response.
Have Fun.

i restarted it and i reinstalled it. i figured out that my browser was ther problem, i use chrome but i tried it with ms edge and it worked.
any ideas about how i can fix it on chrome again?
and thanks, yeah id do ask there

No problem. I’ll look into it…

I think the problem is that you have to add it so the bns launcher would activate when you press the link. I don’t know how to do it in Chrome, but in Firefox you need to go to settings/options, applications, then find “aos”, and then browse to find the bns launcher.

After trying to find out how to do it. I am sorry to say that one solution is to change your browser.
(Firefox is recommended)

yeah, thanks, i tried looking for the setting, but i couldn’t find it. i think ill stick to ms edge

You could also get Spadille, it doesn’t require a browser.