blood spatters mod/script


On the maps hosted by HOMO ( there is a really cool script(?) that stains blocks red when players are shot nearby.

Is there any interest in trying this out on aloha servers? It just looks so cool–

Theres also one where you leave tracks on the terrain, it looks cool in snow especially.

Well, I thought that I have already answered here with Chappy and SnIpEr… maybe forum problems, I dont know.

Again, Minit had this too, it looks pretty cool at snow, but it would look weird at other ground imo.
It would be useless at pinpoint and I think that SnIpEr said that our zombie Server had this scrpit first.

our very own BR made this script a while ago. iirc correctly the script had a bug where the blood splatter would sometimes cause floating bugs and i don’t think it was ever solved. maybe that’s why we don’t have the script? idk.

CraftDinur: it was fixed… you should play more

This script is used on our zombies server

Kind of agree. It feels like the map is getting painted by some 10-year old.

I don’t know if it’s possible, but it would be better if the red blocks return at a shorter time to make the ground look less messed up.

AEM, there’s a setting that’ll change that.
corn99, it does that already. Turning it down will remove lag, if anything.

strangerdanger, any recommendations for which servers to put it on?

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