BlockPower TK abuse

Hi, as many of you know blockpower has become more and more popular. However, this popularity has attracted certain unscrupulous players who cheat with the TeamKill ability. These players simply wait for a hard working player to get intel and break a block. They then shoot him and steal the intel. I would like to propose that an intelcarrier or any player cannot be teamkilled unless he breaks like 10 blocks or a similar amount.

this isn’t a single game type problem, it occurs on all servers where ever you go (specifically aloha because of how they have the team killing set up)

True, but there seems to be more of these guys on blockpower, due to how prized the intel is for leveling up powers. With other servs, the TK trolls only piss off the few players at base, not the front liners. Blockpower TKers affect a larger scope of players.

I’d have to think of a good way to prevent players from blocking the tent (maybe prevent players from building/destroying on the location of the tent?) In the meantime, you can break blocks with your grenades (if you happen to have one) without being vulnerable to teamkilling. There’s also the issue of players holding intel, dropping intel in water in some servers, etc. The best way to stop things like this now is to use /admin ingame to let us know someone is trolling or to report it on IRC in #aloha on Quakenet.