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  • recreation of the classic voxlap client
  • updated and re-imagined in a modern, timeless look
  • lots of convenience features included, like a server browser
  • shares similar if not even better performance to voxlap
  • runs on very old systems back to OpenGL 1.1 (OpenGL ES support too)
  • supports your favorite voxlap mods!
  • connects to 0.75 and 0.76 servers, with protocol extension support


BetterSpades is an Ace of Spades client targeted at low end systems supporting OpenGL. It is designed to even run on your grandmother’s rig! Just like the original voxlap client.

I made this client, because I finally wanted a modern version of Ace of Spades, while keeping the old familiar style. Everything was written from scratch in C99 starting sometime in 2016-2017. Other alternative clients at the time felt too bloated and missed the core essence of AoS.

There have been many updates throughout the years and this client is probably largely finished. However in the (possible) event you encounter any bugs, please don’t hesitate and report them to the linked GitHub project or on the BetterSpades Discord in #bug-reports.



Available for: