BetterSpades client temporarily not allowed on arena servers

BetterSpades in arena

The staff have been discussing the issues regarding the imbalance of the BetterSpades client, when comparing it with the Voxlap and OpenSpades clients, for a few months. After some lengthy discussion and weighing our different options, we think we've come to a balanced decision that will benefit the community.

The competitive and close quarters nature of arena amplifies the different issues that we’ve identified in the BetterSpades client, so we’ve decided to temporarily ban it from our defusal, top 10 arena and counterstrike arena servers. This ban will stay active until we see a noticeable change in the client that shows that it’s more in line with the Voxlap and OS clients.

This was not an easy decision to make, but we believe it’s the correct one. We’re hoping this will create a better balanced and more fun experience on our arena servers.

For the BetterSpades users in need of changing client, you can find OpenSpades and the classic client at the following link: Build and Shoot • Download

/mfw they ban the only client without public hacked versions from the game

aloha based as shiz
Cancelling ya’ll on twitter smh, banning the client with the pink block as a logo, haters

in all seriousness can you upload like a video that shows that BS is OP of some sorts? It’s just “BetterSpades guy shot me across the fukin map with a shotgun and killed me in 1 shot” but I havent seen much of an attempt to prove this, so video ples and thank you :smiley:

??? ??? ???

Never in their lives have they played Arena Top10 from what I see,

Calm girls, you will have the client available to abuse in Babel, but in Arena, no longer, but since you have never stepped on that server, you should not worry,



This is how one of the admins who was pushing for BS ban behaves, that’s all you need to know ᷅_(ヅ)_/ ᷄

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we do live in a society

We do.

There have been quite extensive research and discussion going into this before this decision was made. I will ask and see if we can share or go into more detail about this but as is the betterspades client really is providing unfair advantage in close quarters but there are ppl way better at explaining and make a summary as to why than me.

Looks like somebody really enjoys this change xD

Glad to know that we could reach this change after so much research and comparisons throughout all these months.
Betterspades is a good client for low-end pc users, I have friends who have been able to play this game decently thanks to this client, but it is also known that this client has advantages over other clients, and some people had taken advantage of it as we had seen through these months, so I understand both points of view.
But sincerely we can’t allow this anymore. Unbalance has gone too far, and we have a lot of proof of it, that as Hawkan said, we could share in a future.

So I will ask both of you to behave mature and understand the situation in both cases. We don’t make this decision to ruin someone’s life, this is a result of months of researching, video collection, server tests, source code analysis and so on.

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we’re still running tests, trying to find out the solution to all this, this isn’t permanent or any kind of sentence. if it reaches a solution. Betterspades is coming back to all servers.
we took our time to properly address it and I’m here. asking both ends of the stick to take this with the respect and seriousness it carries with. this client is bytebit’s work after all. not one paid him to do so.
we did take a decision here, for the balance and fairness of the servers. and that’s all.

after all this, we keep working to improve the game, listening to the community as best as we know. improving existing systems and bringing new things to the table. not because we get paid or sth, rather because we love this game as much as you guys do, enough to use our own times and resources to develop and work upon it.

think about that before throwing stuff up the air.


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banning betterspades won’t change deez bullets hitting your ez ass lmao cope seethe mald harder git rekt skrub

no but seriously though, i hope all this betterspades situation gets fixed soon

BetterSpades is love, Betterspades is life

Played lotsa arena on an old craptop during my summer 2020 vacation, will never forget the fun I had every day in the evening.
Hope this blows over soon, would love to relive those fun moments again this coming summer :smiley:

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Hi all!

The truth is that first of all I wanted to apologize for my previous message, honestly it was very misplaced on my part as a staff and as a player, I wanted you to know that I did not want to offend anyone, the joy of the moment won me haha,

The truth is that, I know that a lot of people disagree with the ban and I understand it, but it’s something that I have been experiencing and many players like me have also experienced it, for me that message was like a shock, but it was not correct, forgive me if I disrespected or offended you, it was not right,

I wanted to inform you that we will soon provide you with evidence about it!
We have been taking some time because the truth is that aloha has undergone quite a lot of changes suddenly and we have not focused the problem with BetterSpades, we promise that we will show you the evidence collected soon, we want it to be concise and that it’s understood why we really do it we have banned BS, we don’t want there to be players who disagree (although there is a possibility) or to generate a conflict, I hope you understand!

That’s all!



on behalf of aloha staff, i apologize we haven’t provided more information publicly sooner.

to get started, here’s some evidence that helps to visually highlight part of the problem with BetterSpades compared to the original voxlap client:
videos recorded on the same host by @Darion and @Nuceto

observe the accuracy and range of shotgun at long-range (80 blocks) in BetterSpades:

…compared to shotgun in voxlap client at the same distance:

BS shotgun is also “better” than rifle in voxlap client at this range:

all of these shots were scoped/zoomed in.

the problem with this evidence, though, is that OpenSpades isn’t included as part of the comparison. for that reason i feel this “evidence” is incomplete because tests should be provided with all three clients in identical environments.

also, keep in mind that is only one small sample. we had many more samples, tests, and discussions about BS issues in staff-only channels over a period of several months prior to banning BS from our arena servers.

by the way, the issues are not only concerning gun damage/spread. world sync consistency is apparently another possible issue, a.k.a. “wall banging,” which seems to be worse than the other clients when it comes to high ping players.

i hope to see more evidence from other staff members provided publicly here soon.

tl;dr: hopefully we can get to the bottom of this issue soon. i’m not happy about BetterSpades being banned from arena servers. i think most of us feel that way. all i can ask is that you be patient as we figure this out and help to bring BS back to arena servers sooner than later.

this a complicated and sensitive issue for both BS and non-BS players alike. keep in mind that a significant % of our playerbase uses OpenSpades, and from their perspective BetterSpades is unfairly advantaged. that’s why we’ve chosen to temporarily ban BS from competitive arena servers. according to OS players, the unfair concerns that BS brought to the game have disappeared since banning it from those servers.