Best Players

There is not really a reasoning behind why I am, but I have always been curious who is considered exceptionally good. Considering it is a more fluid player base and no way to just look at a list, this has been hard to pin down. Any ideas?

(They could be really good at one map, i.e. pinpoint/hallway, or just good at all modes)

haux is pretty good at babel, I think.

Colorpinpoint is probably the best on staff, at least of people I’ve played against.
SnIpEr and drebbel are pretty dang good too.

ya know, my imaginary friend is pretty good
i still think he hacks though…

There is really no “best player(s)”

I agree. Some people will just be good at one thing, such as Pinpoint, arena, babel, ctf, wallpopping, etc.
No one can be best at everything.

yeah, people are good at fifferent gamemodes etc.

Whats the best player criteria?

Some good players I know

-[TSB] Eddie

Sorry but I didn’t want to pick everyone, Those are just some good in my mind

The best player is the one I can’t spade even if I try, and thats Color.

topo and eddie hack all /y

I’m pretty good sometimes

I’m better all the time

I’m terrible and not afraid to admit it.

i wil pwn u al wit ma 1337 trackpad skilz

how do i change gun?

im good at most gamemodes, very good in arena, and excellent in zombies and kraken

alt+f4. Huehue troll

Spring and Timi are good. I’m good at other first person shooters, just not AoS…because there is no crouchspam in other first person shooters >_>

It’s also important to consider how people pair with each other…one person may not be good by themselves, but if they join up with a few people who complement them, they can absolutely cream everyone.

Individually topo and Color wreck shit, but I’ve participated in a few team massacres myself.

Some good players i have played with are Spring, VIN, color, tin, eimis, lostmotel, mbar, topo, will, bagz, timi and Korakoff. (sorry if i missed anyone)
I play reasonably well too. I’ve got a video of my gameplay here if you wanna check it out (Best kill eva at 3:50)- [details=Click for details][/details]