Becoming a guard

I can’t seem to find how to become a guard. I play on aloha servers a lot and sometimes no one is there to stop them. I would like to become a guard but I cant find the forum

We’re not currently accepting applications, sorry.

Applications to be a moderator?

Some notes to make about the ranking:
The higher your “rank”, the more work you have.
The higher your “rank”, the less fun you have.

We’re busy handling and sorting all the applications we have pooled up so far. After that’s taken care of, we might open for apps again.

I’ve been a moderator before (for forums). Its ok.

I have found that to be true.

When will guard apps be open again?

When we process all of the ones that are backlogged and feel we need more, we’ll open it.

As a note to people who have already applied: most of you guys are probably thinking, “months have passed and I’ve heard no reply!”

Well, thing is, we’re not looking all that hard for more guards right now. But we don’t necessarily want to reject you guys either…so for now, just pretend that your apps are suspended along with all the people who want to apply, but aren’t able to.

i can attest to this… i am anxiously waiting a response… i find it important to maintain a consistent appearance in the aloha community

Who are you again?

Eh. By the time the apps are open, I’m going to be able to re-apply.

He usually goes on Hallway, probably why anyone but me has ever seen him. Almost none of the aloha members actually go on.

when the apps are open i will become a guard

Yes, you will apply to become a guard. It doesn’t necesserily mean you will become one.

I am too. It usually takes a few months for acceptance/rejection for guards.

It took them a week to refuse me. I heard it was a close call.

I’ll admit, I’d like to be a guard too, but geez louise guys, you’re like freaking crickets, you say the same thing to the same answers. Give the admins a break and stop posting the same thing!

Don’t worry bro. If you want to be a guardsman, Imperium will happily accept your application.