Be careful with your pranks

…they might have just been your imagination!

I got my eye on you AsianGuy!


On the bright side now you have alot of cobblestone and coal. Maybe it’s a message that your place needs more torches?

At first this might be really clever when I saw it started with a Coal sign made to say AG but as I watched how much work was needed to remove all the cobble and stone and Coal with in the base, i felt like maybe this hinges on the wrong side of excessive. doors and paths were blocked off with similar blocks. He fast fowarded through most of the time and it still took more than 10 video minutes to clean it up… Nothing that was placed by shoosh originally was technically destroyed but… i dont know how i feel about this.

Beginning clever. Rest was kind of annoying…

as i said to anom, i would take breaks from pranking.

I was fine with cleanup time. He spent way more time building the prank, so it seemed “fair” to me. I was looking forward to the coal! But then using blocks that match my blocks, no so much, made cleanup harder.
I hold nothing against AG for the original prank, his big initials, lol. I was going to convert one letter to S.
But hours later he blocked up my other house, then my very sexy bedroom. I asked him to clean it up, he did. But there was real damage during cleanup - because of matching blocks. Even a hole busted through to the great outdoors. And I just can’t remember how I did it the first time so it’s frustrating.

And breaking beds. Haha, very funny. I died,ended up two days away by foot. Died on the way. By the time I got back I was missing 3+ iron bars, enchanted iron sword, chestplate, and boots. And an apple, some sticks, it wasn’t taken, just was gone. Bad luck too, but you don’t know where you’ll send someone when you break their bed; home2? Where’s that? How many days walk? Yeah, bed breaking kinda sucks.

So I humbly recommend rules like this, to any that listen:

  1. Can you clean up your own prank? if not sure, dial it back a bit.
  2. Asian got this right, your prank can be a bit of a gift. I was happy at all the coal he left. Give the right "gift’ and they probably won’t mind receiving it.
  3. Breaking beds. You don’t know where they’re going, just leave it alone.
  4. Be willing to pay for damages. Real or financial.
  5. Use good judgement and common sense. You’re messing with someone else’s castle, perhaps literally. Take care of your friend and his stuff. That should be the only rule necessary.

And some good rules of thumb:
A) Pranks are supposed to be a surprise. Don’t email the vid to your victim before he gets on. Don’t hound him to “come see it!”, “I’ll meet you there!” You’re missing the point!
B) Video it and don’t act alone. Chat it up, it more fun to watch. And shared blame is reduced blame.
C) Be prepared for revenge at any time. The wait is part of the torture. “Revenge is a dish best served cold.” -Khan
D) How to do a prank:


PS: AsianGuy? Have you found it yet?