Baylen100 and 'Bailstone'

AlohaPK Babel

Two players, Baylen100 and “Bailstone” (something like that) were constantly switching to the opposing side to greif their tower and then switching back to play and win. I did /admin and reported it but then I was kicked for doing the greifing when all I had done was build stairs while Baylen100 built towers all over it and swapped teams.


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Looking into it, looks like the other player was Basilone

It looks to me like braylen100 was the actual griefer, they were stopped from building by an admin shortly after you got votekicked. I can not quite find Basilones role in the logs, he might have been switching too or votekicked you out of confusion. Im sorry the admin did not undo the votekick on you, I hope we can help better next time.

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