Battlefield Hardline closed beta signup


Some people say that this should have been a mod, instead of what they did

They really need to go back to WWII, maybe WWI, something with decent naval combat at least.

From a marketing standpoint, no one would buy another WWII game simply because it lacks the customization of the modern games.

Im in the closed beta :3
And yes, I do agree that this isnt really what I was hoping for…

What I do like is that it finally changes the Russians vs Americans or Chinese

Always the Russians.

I don’t think customization will be too much of a problem, Call of Duty did quite well with World at War

Yeah, i would like to have a kind of remaster of BF1942, you know, better graphics, more vehicles, etc

Tbh I think the whole cops and robbers theme is a nice change of pace from all this modern desert/terrorism/russian/ rut cod and battlefield have been in these past couple of years.

Looks pretty much like bf4 shanghai, with less naval and airborne combat

well i enjoyed my first play until 4am… and i’ll be playing more when i can.

the same map does get a bit repetitive but it is just a free stress test so i’m not complaining. in a nutshell the game is pretty much Battlefield 3 and 4, yeah, but the series has been heading in that run and gun, restrictive, rinse and repeat, paid DLC direction since Bad Company 2, so i don’t know why there are expectations that it would be any different this time around. still a gazillion times better than Call of Duty.

Well, too much of the same=dead, just look at call of duty, bleeding from old ideas