Battlefield 3 launched, Los Angeles conquest and rush servers online

it’s launch day for Battlefield 3 and we have a couple servers running in Los Angeles, California, USA. currently one is a 64 slots all large maps conquest server, the other is a 32 slots all maps rush server. both have vanilla settings. the number of slots for conquest may be reduced if performance becomes an issue, so please report your experience when it’s fullish.

click here to see a list our current servers.

Just to let you know, you made a huge mistake when you set up your servers and it is fucking frustrating. You have it set to “infantry-only”, but you cycle through the maps with fucking carriers. That means you get 2 boats at a time under the carrier, with a whole fucking team waiting to ride them in. Then the defenders get to snipe you off the boats as you can’t do shit about it. Other people never even got a stupid-ass boat and swam for shore, can’t pull out their weapon while swimming, and get fucking sniped in the water.

So I think, OK, when the server switches spawns (like all good servers do), I’ll get to own them back and show them how retarded this server setup is. But no, you set it to only play one side, and not switch teams. So only one team gets to spawn in the water with no vehicles, and fucking die.

Your server setup skills fucking suck. Play the fucking game a few days before you try to set one up. Thanks.

game has barely been out a week, it’s going to take a bit to perfect all the different setups.

the 64 slots conquest server wasn’t filling so the past few days i’ve been trying other setups in its place. currently the squad deathmatch server is the only one set to play one round per map, all the others are two rounds per map.

i’m guessing you’re talking about the infantry-only 32 slots rush server? i removed Kharg and Canals from its rotation, can’t think of any other maps that might be a problem for infantry-only.