Battlefield 3 Beta Server?

Any plan on setting up a Battlefield 3 Beta Server in September?
Wanna see if Battlefield 3 works fine with my computer.
If so, please turn off 3D spotting, because that function is very annoying!

are they going to let us host beta servers in September?

i’m planning to have at least one 64 slot server up by the beginning of November, possibly sooner on release day, October 25th

I don’t know, but Alpha Trial have some server for Alpha trial tester to play BF3, where are those BF3 server come from?!
Maybe you can ask @zh1nt0 on twitter for more detail(you’re admin, right?), see if he answer you…

On the other hand, many people on EAUK forum asking for removable of 3D spotting or ask for community to turn off 3D spotting, would you turn this annoying function off?!

Here is proof how 3D spotting ruin BF3 gaming experience:

and …
Search "Battlefield 3 - Official 3D Spotting Trailer " on youtube.


as far as i know all of the alpha servers were hosted by EA and i think that will be the case for the beta too

if they actually give us full access to the dedicated server software as they promised, we’ll be able to run our BF3 servers on my colo’d box which means it will be much more cost-efficient for us to host multiple servers, try different settings and all that fun stuff

i’d love to host at least two 64 slot servers; one that’s as close to default settings as possible, and a second that we tweak to our liking (no 3D spotting, for example)