Base Showcase

So i recommand every1 that wants to make a base showcase to post their base video / pictures in this thread so we don’t flood out all the minecraft section :wink:

SO im very sorry for : my bad PC, my bad recording software, my bad microphone and finaly my derpy english

Yea a bit laggy i got to say xD

looks awesome - the circle basement of your base is my favorite. Underground nature is just awesome.

Thanks buddy!

Wow I’m super jealous. How many hours have you invested into this base?

hum… a lot :wink: plus I built a Prismarine farm and the Iron Towers … yea maybe i spent too much time on the server while i was supposed to do homeworks xD

Wow! Nice base!
Once I get resources, and settle down, you’ll see how good my base would be! :3
What Resource pack is that?
Please link me it via PM!

Nope. I’m terrible at building. Cough

Im terrible at building too :wink: all the stuff make looks terrible from the outside that’s why I hid myself underground :stuck_out_tongue:

Very cool base, the slime farm looks amazing!