Banning OpenSpades v0.1.0

Hello everyone!

The staff is constantly making sure all of our players enjoy a fair and enjoyable atmosphere. To provide this to our players, we occasionally stop providing support and access to outdated clients.

On November 5th, 2022 we will be blocking OpenSpades Version 0.1.0 from playing on our servers. We fully encourage anyone still using those versions to upgrade to any of the latest upgrades available for OpenSpades, BetterSpades , or Aos 0.75: Ace of Spades Downloads - community

We know changes like this can upset some, so we encourage anyone to reach out to any member of our staff if you have concerns.

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omw to join via openspades v0.0.4

literally 1984

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that’s not openspades anymore, just pades

omg xdd aloha taking it too far

Don’t think ive used that version, that looks old.
Is there any particular reason this is going?

recoil and spread behaviour is superiour to other clients and newer versions of openspades. this is not allowed. clients must match the original client’s values and behaviour.

Vier summarized it well, it’s basically attempting to create fair gameplay and create better balance between the clients.

Our statistics also show that only a small percentage of players still join with that version, so giving them a month to update should hopefully be plenty of time.


When players join aloha servers with outdated clients, they are moved to the spectator team and are spammed with alerts in their native language to update their client.