Banned by mistake

I was recently playing on an aloha server and was not cheating in anyway. I appreciate what the people of aloha do to make Ace of Spades such a successful game, and making it fun for all. However, I was banned after not instigating any problems or using any sort of hack. But unfortunately, I was banned and cannot use any aloha server and play with my friends at the moment. If you could please lift this ban so I can continue to enjoy the great aloha servers, that would be great.

My username is Brendan

Thank you.

Please remove your ip the admins can see it either way. And ill look into it. Also make an appeal in the ban appeals, thank you.

Edit: I ran a ban check for you and you were banned for aimbot and norecoil. I’d advise you the read all the stickys in the ban appeal section. The admin that banned you is rarley if ever wrong