Ban Evaders

We have a handful of people who are continually evading bans, and I would appreciate any help you can give.
If you see them ingame just type /admin ban evader or something like that, and we’ll know (not necessarily immediately, but it does help!)

Here they are:
{IISOD}SniperMJ - Philippines
TheCops - Australia
danielectro - Colombia
Herobrine - Brazil
he - California, USA
PaoGerMon - Peru
Dylgara - Columbia
Sogeking - Brazil
Erick - Brazil (often with a bogus clan tag before it)
tytyty or tytyty6 - Quebec, Canada in the oxide clan
Mattthekiller or M.T.K or any *.T.K name. - Melbourne, Australia Was in CAMB and LAB
Pro Nipple or LikeABamf- Finland (or anyone claiming to be him) Also in the LAB clan
[BZO] LF_58 - Germany
[LS]AnAlien - Singapore
All those people use aimbots very often, so keep an eye out. Votekicking helps too.

Very sad you have to put a list up of these people :C Pfft people have no respect these days…

Cus they’re sssstttttuuuupppppiiiiiiiddddd :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea… If I were to get banned and ban evade (which I wont and will not do) I would at least change my name

Eric Cartman is another major one.

DRAGON BLACK, BADBOOY, and Vincentcwb are a few more

I already do /admin to report Tytyty every time I see him. You guys never come though.

Please take me off. I promise I won’t say the word “Nigga” every ten seconds or less. And also I don’t know how I could get in your server/s. I just wait for like 2 days. So I would appreciate it if you take me off. Please respond. Thank you for reading this and have a good day :smiley:

And also, you could evade a ban by waiting. I don’t know how I do it but I just wait for days and sometimes hours. I suggest that you should make your security tighter 'cause people could just wait then go back in you know :expressionless: So please, take my name off.

There’s a player on Babel named Deeh who keeps using an ESP hack.
Seems he’s been evading a recent ban against him.

a guy named {AGAN}MOHAB is ban evading too.He is on the global banlist and i just saw him play.Checked the appeals and he isnt there.BTW he is from Egypt.

Yeah, I noticed. He’s okay. There are several players called Herobrine though, and fortunately they’re not all hackers :slight_smile:

Thanx for the tip though.

Just… No. GTFO.

AnAlien being on this list puts me in a really awkward spot.
LS, Ledyr Syndicate, is my clan. I, myself, have never suspected him of hacking especially when players like Luigi, Tyler, and myself can outperform him.

He did go by the name of Paradox before, this is true… However, he’s been a regular for a very long time. Granted he’s very, very good and hacking seems highly suspectable… There are several members in my clan that people think hack. I don’t have a clan of hackers.

Is there any way we can do something about this? I don’t want AnAlien’s ban/hacker status hurting my clan’s reputation; and I don’t really just want to give him the boot because he’s actually a very fun/lax individual.

If anyone has advice for me, or would be willing to help me get this settled… It would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

  1. AnAlien is banned for using aimbot.
  2. He evaded his ban five times, and purposely evading a ban does not show innocence to me.

Honestly I don’t care about clans, I only care about a fair playground. This topic is meant for publishing ban evaders. If AnAlien feels like he’s been treated unfair he’s free to appeal his ban in the right section on this website.

My un expert opinion is to kick him from the clan. He’s out of the clan, your ‘reputation’ is safe.

Saw a Herobrine from Mexico playing… Don’t know if it’s the right one… This is on Island Warfare

Alien can’t ban appeal.
Singapore is recognized by as spam

He’s always welcome to look me/us up on #aloha

Oh god…Nipple hates me LOL. I camped to kill him once and he raged and called me a (As they call it on Shams Little Pony) Gentleman and a ducker. :stuck_out_tongue: