Ban Appeal Please Please Please Read I Beg You

:frowning: :-[Okay so i was playing on the hallway server. I just got into the enemy’s side, got 4 head-shots, ran and captured the Intel and ran away. Then, i got some more kills and then this Du- something guys said “Hey Xixard” (My account name). I said “what” And he said "Do your ban appeal on and then kicked me. I was so frustrated. This is just what happens. Also, i build something awesome, like a fort, and then some guy just runs over to it and destroys it with grenades. Now back to subject, i was like whats happening. It said “You were kicked” So i was like whatever, maybe a small glitch. So then i tried joining gain and i realized, omg he actually banned me. I know you guys can relate to the fact that sometimes, something messed up happens after you get an awesome random rifle down hallway or something. But this guy just banned me and i was just like great. Lets check out the website. So now i’m making this and I know this is a terrible ban appeal, and i should be doing HW, but seriously, i did nothing wrong. I got a rambo killing spree and then BOOM. Banned. So this is just my story about this and i hope i get help. But i just got some good kills off and done. that was it. Well thanks for reading this kind of long ban appeal. I’ll let you decide. :-X

Oops i ment “for” not “or” in the poll

Make one in the ban appeals section

Oops im new idk where things are sry