Badass waterfall.

Came across this while traveling from old spawn to new spawn.

Where is it?
might make for a nice house/ community house

-8402 79 -4730
Pretty far off from new spawn, however won’t be too far through nether.

You. AMD. Scrub.

Btw nice waterfall. We need one that looks like this tho


AMD scrub? Naaaaa
Intel scrub you :stuck_out_tongue:

I happen to like my PCI/e GT 650M

oh yeah. thats you all right. I can see your signature burning trees in the background…

Make this into an AoS map, then come talk to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Ehehe, but it’s not me. This is a reddit photo

nice find

Lol im very interested in getting back in on the server. My laptop broke a year ago and I’ve had no minecraft for a while so I’ll be back soon :wink:

Great to hear it! If you have any problems getting back on just message me. Some have had problems playing 1.8 again, but hopefully you don’t!