Babel Votekick Abuse

I promised the Admins and Rev boys that I would write up a report, so here it is.

I’ll start this by saying that consistently has the most well moderated servers in AoS Classic, and this was no different.

This all started when a user named “cunt slayer” was accused of racism. I’ve never seen him say anything racist so screenshots that look sketchy should be viewed as such. Well, earlier cunt slayer joined the server along with myself and some members of the Rev clan. The chat got a little interesting (nothing bad at all, just normal banter) and one of the members of Rev attempted to votekick cunt. It didn’t work. The banter got more heated. The Rev guys began bullying and berating cunt. I can’t provide screenshots because unfortunately I didn’t think to take any. The clan members then proceeded to start votekick after votekick after votekick with their reason simply being “Annoying.” Now I don’t think that’s a valid reason at all. An admin by the name of Valentine stepped in and cancelled the kicks, telling the clan members to quit violating the votekick system. The Rev clan members then proceeded to try and votekick Valentine, complaining that he was abusing his powers when he cancelled the kick.

There was no point in time that I witnessed wither Valentine or cunt slayer break any rules. I cannot say the same thing for the members of the Rev clan. Having played with them multiple times all I can say is that they are a toxic bunch with the exception of perhaps Ding. They seem to be active here on the forums so I’m sure these comments will be interesting.

That’s all that I wanted to say. I know that cunt was reported by Road* earlier so I felt it necessary to go to bat for him as I think he is being treated unfairly and is acting perfectly within the rules.

Thank you,

*Meant Road, not Tai

How is it bullshit? I told everyone I was going to write it so they all could come view it. And way to take a screenshot out of context, as I’m sure you did to cunt. I was asking what word he used, not saying it to demean or show hate towards anyone. Thank you for further proving my point.

The admins can check the logs and see that Rev members (plural) did not start votekicks against Slayer even though he would’ve deserved it. Atrains was the only one to start a votekick from our clan. Also, you have absolutely no proof of any of this and I would be just as valid in saying you were aimbotting and using multibullet all night. Nice try though and have a good day!


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And the comedy starts here! :stuck_out_tongue:

First of all, those screenshots are legit in the reports, we were all there.

Second, I don’t know where you were, but slayer was constantly swearing and overall being toxic.

Third, we didn’t berate or bully slayer, he was the one bragging about how he can’t be banned and all that nonsense.

Fourth, the majority of those votekicks were valid.

Fifth, Valentine was just a normal player trying to calm us down, she is not staff, and we just votekicked her to see if she was staff or not.

Finally, he was not being treated unfairly and he was not within the rules, as he started griefing shortly thereafter.

Accuse me of kiss-assing all you want, I’m just trying to bring the other side of the story to light. If you are going to reply please at least make it some kind of argument (as in give a point, add something) and don’t pull a Joe Biden and laugh everything off.

You make a valid point about no proof, but I’m just pointing out that you all have none either and are not adding anything to the situation but hot air and accusations.

As I mentioned previously, I’m trying to shed light on cunt slayer’s behalf. He was perfectly within his rights/the rules to say what he said, even if some of it was a little grown up. He never personally attacked anyone or singled anyone out. You all on the other hand were actively attacking him and starting votekicks. You very easily could have stepped back, ignored chat and let the admins take care of it but instead you decided you needed to get involved and ended up blowing the situation out of hand.

Also - He never griefed. Tai started that to try and get him kicked, he tried it earlier today as well.

You should probably go check the reports, Road had one with a lot of screenshots.

As far as I can see Torch posted no screenshots. Road’s screenshots show nothing wrong of cunt’s and only abuse on the part of the Rev clan.

My bad, mean’t to put Road. :stuck_out_tongue:

Precisely what I would say to you in your making of this post.

You are merely continuing the toxicity that you started in game by making this post to try to “defame” Rev. Little do you know how little we actually care though.

That would only be true if I were just arguing your side. I’m trying to help someone who is being wrongfully persecuted.

I’m not making this post to “defame rev,” I couldn’t care less about that. It’s the fact that you all targeted a player and got him banned for no reason. That’s toxic.

This is absolute comedy gold!
So funny! Keep it coming guys!

Okay, ppl that were on the server when all of that happen should stop posting here. It just puts some gazoline on a raging fire.
Since i wasn’t there i don’t know who is right and who is wrong, admins can sort everything out by checking the logs.
Since there was already a thread talking about cunt_slayer disrespectful acting. I tend to believe Rev side more then you.
Instead of trying to destroy other ppl argument with some nonsense explaination, you should try and bring points, get some screenshot you talked about out and try to convince us that your story is the real one

New hot topic! Keep it coming guys! We’ll make thousands of dollars off of this! :stuck_out_tongue:

I appreciate you trying to bring a level headed perspective. The other thread is by Road, whom as you can see has commented here with no substance. He is very much on Rev’s side and was so in game as well. I’m trying to bring the other side of the story so believing the other post more simply because it was posted first isn’t the correct action in my opinion.

As I said, please either make valid points and add to the conversation or don’t comment. You are just devolving the situation into childish nonsense.

Beautiful, this is what I need! :smiley:

Now how about explaining your side in more details? I’ve read all the posts and i can see that appearently, Rev were wrongfully accusing someone that was supposedly saying racist words in chat. Knowing the other side of the story would help a lot of ppl to understand

The chat isn’t even readable in that… And your other screenshots showed literally nothing bad except for Tai calling the admins a “faggot” and the exact votekick abuse that I was talking about.

Again, just because you add media doesn’t give your argument more credibility. It has to actually contain something.