[BABEL] The most massive, stupidest massive tower you've ever seen in this game

So when I joined this babel match on 8mountains today, the game was pretty stagnant, but a previous player (or players) had started turning one of the mountains into a massive pillar with a staircase built into it. Now abandoned, I decided to turn it into a complete tower since we didn't have one. At first it was just me working on it, then (TMB) AA of course  8), then more and more people joined in. Soon everyone on our team was banding together, fighting to build and defend it. It grew into an absolute MONSTER. Reds were trying their best to grief it – attempting to dig the entire thing down from the base. But Blue team just kept on building and repairing and we eventually reached the platform. But then, DISASTER! On the final cap, an unknown player (bellend) – on OUR team – cut our bridge down! It was pretty annoying, but eventually we built a makeshift tower and got the final cap. Check out da piks.

Tower on the mountain :smiley: someone had good idea and we did it to the end :smiley:

that tower is horrific, good job

Oh yes, towers in an insecure area most often suffer from such players. I advise you in these games to closely monitor the players who changed the team from the enemy to yours. Most often, it’s precisely onr that destroy the tower, and then return to their team.
P.S. I recently participated in the construction of a similar tower. )))

how did this even kept intact the whole game

Constant repairing. It was extremely labour intensive and inefficient, haha.