Babel server unstable

Not sure why but the Babel server keeps kicking lots of players. Thought it was just my connection but it happens from different locations I play from. I also notice that lots of other players are disconnecting at the same time.

I get either a client crash or server disconnect.

Any Ideas?

Not sure whats going on. I haven’t been on babel for a while. Has it recently started or has it been going on for awhile?

Its been happening a while… weeks, I was wondering if it was a DOS or hacker trying to bring the server down. The server disconnects seem to always happen when there are hackers on the server or they have just been banned. Of course this may just be a coincidence.
The client crashes seem to happen less often.
I get client crashes at the start of a new map (about 50% of the time) if I am one of the first to join and start digging or placing blocks within the first 30 secs or so.

Some persistent errors with player ID numbers. Nothing malicious as far as I know. We’re working on fixing it.

yeah I get client crashes when map switches all the time. Didn’t use to happen much before but some maps (one with lava in it) happens very often.

Definitely something strange happening. The server had at least 1 hacker and most of the players including me got kicked. Then the same thing happened again about 15 minutes later this time all players were disconnected. The server did not crash, this was a server disconnect and players were able to rejin immediately after. Check logs and /admin messages.

I always said the server is haunted but no one believes me… :frowning:

The fall of Babel is said to forecast the defeat of the .75 community…

I think I fixed it. Please let me know if it continues.

I am afraid it continues.

Alright. I’ll look more into it. Thanks for the heads up.

only babel, right?

client crash is only Voxlap, not OpenSpades, right?

does client crash happen during any specific events, such as digging within a protected zone? do multiple players crash or only you? you mentioned it usually happens at beginning of a round; maybe that means the map isn’t being synced properly… i wonder if preventing building/destroying during first ~60 secs would help? that would be a lame “fix” though…

what about the disconnects - any specific events? do the disconnects affect many players at the same time?

Apologies for not being more specific.
There are 2 separate event types.
I am using the original Voxlap client.

  1. Client crash near start of round. They occur when I start to dig, place blocks or interact with a player at close quarters. This can be at any part of the map but is normally within the protected. Delaying doing anything at the start of the round seems to do exactly what you are suggesting but there is no way to know! I have not had one of these for many days, maybe BR has fixed this one now so well done!

  2. Server disconnects. These happen to multiple players as well as myself at the same time. Sometimes everyone in the server is disconnected and sometimes only a handful of players are disconnected. I can always get back into the server pretty much straight away, occasionally I cannot with a unable to connect to server error. This disconnect seems to only occur when there are hackers in the server leading me to think it is a kind of DOS? Recently whenever I rejoin I have been sending an /admin message logging that a disconnect occurred.

Hope this helps.

What I did should have fixed #2, but not #1. :confused:
Still investigating for now. I wish there was a way to catch full state of the server at an arbitrary point / run a full server in debug mode.

Just played for 4 hours solid with no problems at all. Some hackers came and went but no disconnects.


are we still good?

WEE_GEE told me tonight he was disconnected a couple times tonight after a hacker was on, a couple hours before this post. He said Nathan banned him at the time, if you want to check the logs for any activity issues.

Yep, At least 2 maybe 3 times that many players were disconnected with server disconnect. it was definitely at the time the hacker was being banned then returning and lots of vote kicks to try and remove him. There were other hackers on also at or around the same time.

hmmm some strange crashes today … I hear three nades in the left earpice and then the server is lost with no error messages this is different to the previous disconnects… happened again just 3 mins ago.

We are aware of the problem and are working on fixing it.