Babel Rotation *Input Needed*

Hey guys,

I am creating a poll with current babel rotation maps and some other maps that are not in the rotation but are in consideration to possibly be added. It would be nice to have some community input as many of y’all play babel.

If you want to look at an overview of any map the map repository is at this link.

I believe all maps are on this link but I could be wrong.

The poll has almost 70 options (includes existing rotation) and you have 30 votes. The poll will run for 14 days to give as many people as possible to vote and give their input.

If you have a map suggestion that isn’t in the poll, feel free to leave a comment.

Poll will be up within about an hour of this post

Here is a list of map overviews that I have saved over these last few days from, it should refresh your memory on some of the maps we played recently:
My Files

If you wish to try a map you haven’t played on before, feel free to suggest it over /admin

Maps can also be found here:

Some extra maps added at the bottom. You should be able to redo your votes.

added two three new maps

Click for details

this last one is completely diferent from anything we have but it is still interesting, depending on votes I may try to add more stairs and fix the existing ones.




Even though poll is still going. No votes will be counted starting at this point. Y’all had plenty of time.

Good job Sniper and Demon for your updates on our maps rotation and also for building this file with all maps that can be used. Great work,

Should pinline be removed from rotation? the anti-grief protection isn’t working very well.

EDIT: removed, as most people wanted to