Babel: Maps Popularity - Which maps should leave or return to the rotation?

Since random maps was implanted on Aloha Babel server, some of them seem to appear often.

I hope these aswers help admins to decide which maps could leave the rotation, and which ones could return to it.
Final results will be published here.

Please, access the links below to answer :smiley:

i don’t think it’s a good idea to put old maps back into rotation due to the fact that those maps were removed for a certain reason. whether it’s for the fact that’s they’re heavily unbalanced or not a popular choice, it’s going to be a controversial idea to put those maps back into rotation.

i also see the reason to remove maps for those reasons i have stated and agree that the aloha staff should keep the rotation to a certain order instead of random. this may give an unfair chance for a map to be played more often than others

I’m not too sure what each emote means, so I hope I did it right. I voted :rage: for maps I despise and :smile: for maps I miss.

I like the idea of getting some old maps back on the server, even if just for a limited time.

some other old maps that i recall were once part of the rotation:

[details=Click for details]roadisland











arc de pinpoint


some notable maps that were tested in the past:

[details=Click for details]babel_arena


land of cahirs







curled frog











Lostmotel, thank you for your cooperation!
I didn’t know major part of these maps, and really would like to see them back to the rotation for a while!

Here is Part III, containing all maps you recalled: Old maps (continuation)

PARTIAL RESULTS [details=Click for details]


man i gotta tell you yubacore, matrix and 1river2night makes me cum

how did a map, in which you can grief your own bridge/tower, get second place?

The map is good and has its strategies… After all I think this problem can be solved by the staff.

I thought alexandria was a great map because it had so many different levels: the central pyramid, the right/left tunnels, the central underground chambers, two options for going wide overground in each direction.

Personally I would like to see alexandria, remus, roadisland, yubacore, catseyebabel and lard(one of my favorites) in the map cycle. If something must be removed, please take bridgeyard. This map would be fun to play but all the time is taken to keep griefers away from the bridges.

I got a small idea too: Is it possible to put a list of old maps to the map cycle, for example for the time between christmas and a new years day? For the sake of old times?

When are final results?

That’s an interesting idea, Pepe!
Guys, don’t forget that I’m not from staff but I’m asking them to help us here… :slight_smile:


Click for details

i’m not sure it it possible that the problem can be solved by the staff. what i have heard is that it isn’t that easy to change the grieving area in the map, so the problem might be there forever unless there is a change to the map.

gonna be honest with you flower just pisses me off like its ramming me on the table

Well im working as a guard though but I just want to see what you guys think about my idea.

We’ve been trying to get updated map rotations for years, and even if we do it has nothing to do with our choices even if we have votes like these, they decide sadly.

These new maps are actually so bad, We need to update our map rotation. Bring back classics like ellipsis and Pinpoint

Get rid of maps like plateau and godstairs2.0

i like plateau
fast load and smg fights