|BABEL| From Vip

Player IGN From Vip
Server aloha.pk Tower of Babel USA
Date 25-12-2014 (25th December 2014)
Time 11:30 a.m. GMT

This player was found with Aimbot, Wall Hack and No Recoil




- 3lb01k

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Sorry, not enough evidence. Thanks for reporting.

B-b-butttt… the wall hack! He shot through their tower (#1) at a player who wasn’t even visible! (#2)

After looking over the evidence again with another admin, we have concluded that the player was indeed using esp. You’re video was a bit blurry. I couldn’t pinpoint where his crosshair was, and simply thought he was shooting at the base of the tower (in order to weaken it). This time, I saw the crosshair, and saw he was shooting at players behind the walls. He is now banned.

Sorry for the inconvenience 3lb01k. And as always, thanks for reporting.

Ahhhh, okay. That’s no problem :smiley:
Very sorry for the blurry video. I’ve increased the quality, so this won’t happen in the future :slight_smile:
And not only did he shoot at the players behind the walls, he killed them as well! (check the /an feed)
I didn’t even think such a hack was possible before…

- 3lb01k