Babel apocalypse nades not doing player damage

Thought I’d submit this as a bug report, both for an example post and also since it’s an annoyingly persistent bug.

For some reason, the /apoc grenades that are launched on babel do not do any player damage. They did on our pysnip server, but aren’t on the new piqueserver.

The nades DO work correctly with block damage, but an enemy can take multiple impacts without losing hp.

Not sure what’s causing this, but would love for apoc to be dangerous again :laughing:

This is now fixed!

Turns out this small rounding difference fix(world_c): ftol(): revert to PySnip's regular cast to float · aloha-pk/piqueserver@95e57b1 · GitHub was breaking the physics for the nades, causing them to penetrate too far into the ground and not do player damage.

A few other things were fixed alongside this:

  • builder /apoc no longer rewarded for 10th intel cap, only 5th
  • /apoc at the end of a round won’t interfere with the map change
  • picking up/dropping the intel during an apoc won’t flash the fog with the team color anymore

Ty to @001 and @MuffinTastic for assisting in figuring this one out