[AVuKY] Multiple Map on One

I was wondering if it would be possible to use multiple test file with 1 map.
An exemple would be that I call my map avmaprecollection.

On this map at the location of a1 is storage, b1 is sides, c1 is avsmallfortress, etc.
With the coming of .76 this would be extremely convenient and reduce load times.

But I’m wondering how it would work or if you would have to copy the map to use 2 different text file or if you could simply use the same map using multiple text file for every map within the map.

Edit: Well before doing this I will wait for an answer it would make it extremely easy for me to make map with this idea.

How does the server depict which spawn points to use in the case that it is actually storage or any other map?

I suppose randomization could very well be possible; but do you want players scattered across different maps? I see what you’re trying to do here, but I don’t see how it would be possible without an external, global algorithm checking as to what maps we’ve already played. If you throw the recollection into the map rotation, it’ll just be one huge map with 4+ areas on it and a lot of spawn points, the server wouldn’t think of them as different maps.

Load times aren’t too much of a problem to begin with.

I don’t mean randomization at all.
I just mean that I would make a massive map regrouping my maps.

And in the rotation if it pick storage it would use the spawn point for storage.

Instead of fixing one arena to a map file, stick lots of them on a single map, and just adjust the spawn zones accordingly.

I’d like to see them with all the spawn points at once, and have them connected at certain points.

But yeah, with a little scripting this would be possible (although not really that necessary, imo)

Well Reki that’s the idea

Again, I see what you’re trying to do here. My point is: Are you planning on adding maps that aren’t just yours too then, AVuKY?

A huge .vxl file with all of your maps sounds very cool; it would reduce loading times… And if you had 4 maps… Would you just set it to 60 rounds and every 15 rounds you’d switch, or would it be timed?

Problems I see with this method:

If there’s a map that requires 15 points, it could take 29 rounds to get to the next assuming you have no ties, or until you have no time left. So if you set up this new method…

A1 = Storage … Do you remain on A1 until 30 rounds have gone by? 15 rounds? 15 minutes?
B1 = Sides … Would you remain here for the next 30 rounds? More time?

Simply, how are you planning on doing this?

When you “change maps” you wouldn’t be changing maps… Are you able to reset the score back to 0 or something? I’m just a little confused as to how the server is going to register that you are ready to go to the “next map” when you’re not loading another .vxl file; you’re changing spawn points. It doesn’t appear to be something that’s been done before.

I disagree with this. Then it would be ALL the AVuKY maps in a row. People want a break from same servers. Some people (Including me) don’t really like your maps and you have to consider the other maps, not just yours. It isn’t JUST meant for your maps.

It makes more sense to pack as many maps on rotation in as possible, without regard to who’s map it is.

If he packed the entire rotation in (if possible), that would be freakin’ awesome. There would be no load times, and everything would be pretty awesome overall.

The problem is that Last Team Standing has quite a lot of maps in the rotation thus not all maps fitting on.
Anyway it’s a nice idea.

Well it depends on the maps of course. Some maps are significantly larger than others. But even if you could fit all, what 15+?, maps into two maps then it would totally be worth it.

About the original question, what if you just copied and renamed the same map file multiple times? That way you could have separate .txt files for defining different spawn points / gates etc.

If the map cache is written properly it shouldn’t matter what name each file is called, if it’s the same data it will use the cache.

You do bring a fairly good point.
I would like this to happen but how does the spawn thing work on one map. It would mean people would spawn on different parts of the map.

That was my exact inquiry in the first two posts I have posted in this topic. I stated it in the first one, but I expanded it on the second one.

However, AVuKY and Reki talk about it like it’s very possible to just rotate the map spawn just like you’d rotate maps. I suppose anything is possible with a little bit of Python scripting, if necessary.
It would be a lot of grunt work… Just making sure spawn points are correct; the files are working correctly… Getting it set up would be the hardest part, but then again, it’s the only thing there really is to worry about.

I could see a problem with lag, but the Aloha server is such a monster that it shouldn’t be tooooo much of a problem. I would just think the cache would need to be cleared a little more frequently, probably 15 - 20 maps spread across 2 - 4 different .vxl files would be fine; split the load up by 25%, so you have it clearing the cache 4x as often.