AVuKY Mapping Thread

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[version 1] Map Folder / mediafire
Currently contain

Map made by other player.
abandonedfactory by [LS]vertu, [LS]Nova, LS and friends, Gates by AVuKY

highrise by Tyler, Jon, NovaFlexz, AnAlien, Gates by AVuKY

first test seems pretty fun, watch out for the nade spam :wink:

the gates were multi-shaded though, i had to recolor them so they break properly. i also made them a bit higher to prevent super jump glitching out of the spawns:


AVSides is an amazing map.

Adding new maps to LTS is always great as some people are starting to become bored by some maps. Can’t wait to try them out and thanks!

added avbeige to rotation for now. might be a tad big but let’s see how it goes for a few games.

Hey AVuKY, I had an idea to make Avesides alil more interesting.

spit it out, Big Jimmy :slight_smile:

AVuKY, current rotation is: “minideckarena”, “avstorage”, “indiaarena”, “officewars”, “avsides”, “generator2”, “avbeige”, “rigreloaded”, “ambassyarena”, “planeassault”, “penthousearena”, “generator”, “avseafort”, “facingworldsarena”, “avsmallfortress”, “spacestationarena”

you can find them all at http://aloha.pk/files/aos/maps/

Finally we have Avbeige again. Izzy, what happened to all the other maps?

That there are some sort of extremely hidden tunnel to other side

first play tests were pretty fun. avorder, avvirtual, and avacid have been added to rotation. avacid might need some tweaks though, it seems to be a bit too open, strategy is limited… some players were complaining about lack of hiding places. we’ll see what people think after playing it a few times.

Thanks for the help AVuKY! :slight_smile:

thanks for adding the gates! highrise and abandonedfactory have been added to rotation

ok both arena servers have been updated with avstoragefinal and avsmallfortressfinal

Nice!!Keep the updates coming AvuKY.

thanks, on my to-do list. will update when i can.

Just played AVSmallFortress and MAN I owned.It was soo easy I could just easily get on roof.

ok all 9 maps in your “top 10 fixes” have been applied to both arena servers, Avuky. thanks again.

So this is the thread you told me about avuky, well it’s great :slight_smile: There are a lot of new maps you made that i need to try.
Good job, these are looking beautiful !


Like the AVRealm Map