Available commands

Here’s a list of commands and what they do - not all commands are available right away to players, but after some time of playing (<1 week of consistent playing) they will be all available.

/toggledownfall - turns rain on/off
/gc - provides details about the server, mostly used to check lag conditions (TPS should be around 20)
/time - gives time in the world, but use a clock you lazies :stuck_out_tongue:
/dmarker add [name] - creates a marker on dynmap, please only make these at your house or big things, don’t spam them, ex: “/dmarker add [Froe’s]”
/dmarker delete[marker_name] - removes specified dynmap marker
/sethome [home_name] - sets home location where you’re standing. Limit 2 per a person.
/delhome [home_name - deletes the home you specified
/home [home_name] - brings you to that home. - costs 100$. Selling 1 diamond gives you 500$.
/nick [name] - changes name
/sell - Proper usage is “/sell diamond X” DO NOT USE /sell hand. If you accidentally sell all your diamonds doing this your loss.
/mail “username” - sends a message to someone if they are offline.

Thanks, its really helpful

Whuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut everyone has access to /toggledownfall?

YES! I love being able to do that as rain kills my frame rate.

i can haz /jail pl0x
foh da lolz


Most likely xD

Werid ill look into it, (fro will most likley beat me to the ball)

Sometimes the client bitches for no reason, you should be able to play without problems after a quick relog.

oh ok…??

Not outdated. All commands work as intended. If they do not work for you try relogging, that may fix it. Simply exit and rejoin, don’t need to close the game.

Yea, theres nothing wrong with the config files.

/home costs money? Anyone know how much it costs?

$100 minecraft dollars. use /sell hand on diamonds or lapis blocks

Ah okay. Not worth losing diamonds, but lapis on the other hand lol…

Froe is right - Dilbert is right - shut up and reboot. :slight_smile:

Be careful. You can accidentally sell 16 diamonds. That stings a bit.

diamonds sell for 500 each, lapiz azuli block sell for 50 each. So I recomend against selling lapiz azuli because its gives little money and you might need it someday.

I also recomend using teleport only ocasionally. Try find other ways of reaching your base.