Automatic Giant Squads

Hey guys,

My idea is that for some maps or servers players are automatically placed in squads.

“Well ho hum, sports we already have that!”

Yes we have that in zombie mode. But why stop at 4 man squads? Why not create a 16 + capacity squad that would include the entire team( only 16+ because some game modes can have more than 16 players on a team). This would mean each team is a giant unit, and gets rid of players who go off or stay at spawn and build crap.

And if people don’t like being automatically placed, then add a repeating chat message that says:
“If you don’t like being in a giant unit, type: /squad none”

So what do you think?

Also an unrelated suggestion for all servers: if inactive for 5minutes; autokick

EDIT: My apologies if this is in the wrong section.

Your in the right section.

The autokick command will turn in into an abuse power.

Ok giant squads, hmm…That will be an ok

Why?this may be op,but i liked it


What do you mean by “The autokick command will turn in into an abuse power.”

How would that be abused?

Hes not talking about a command, he spoke of a script in which a person would be kicked after 5mins. Instead of 10, which is the current setting.

I dunno about 16 player teams but upping it to 8 would be great. So that whole clans could be on a team.

The amount of abuse and problems this would create would be horrendous.

To give you a taste, a coordinated 5-man squad is capable of spawncamping even a full enemy team for well over 5 minutes. This is simply too overpowered to work with.

ah I see where y’all are coming from, I agree that would be bad.

Besides the majority of player don’t even realize that there are teams. They simply don’t know.

On Minit Classic Assault, on green, with a good four-man squad that knows enough to lay low when squadmates die, we can easily stay in the blue spawn the entire game. WTFBoom and I did this yesterday with a two-man squad. We respawned at green base about five times in two hours.

Me and Winter earlier just spawnkilled all of blue for 30 minutes straight. Squads are too easy IMO.

one nade

I now see the flaws in a giant squad.

I was just drawing inspiration from TOW, where the teams seem to be more coordinated in general due to the way they spawn.