auto team balancer

guys i’m thinking about installing a team balancer script that “can balance teams by skill, rank, score, kdr and other rules. All of it, while doing best effort to maintain squads together, and clans on the same team.”

it will keep the number of players on each team equal during rounds that are in progress and completely reorganize the teams at the start of new rounds.

the advantages are obvious, but there are a few drawbacks:

  • players may be on the same side (US or RU) multiple rounds in a row
  • players may get switched to the other team just before the round ends
  • the new round reorganization is annoying and confusing because it kills everyone on the server a few seconds after the map loads

some of these problems may be fixed in a future release but that’s how it is right now.


I think it’s a pretty good idea to try and split the teams this way. It only takes a small imbalance of 3 or 4 experienced players on one side to completely dominate a round.

Not sure about killing everyone on the server a few rounds after the map loads but, from a programming perspective I can understand how that might be unavoidable.

Could give it a try on one of the servers to see what happens.

actually it kills everyone on the server a few seconds (not rounds) after the map loads. it’s not a big deal at all, just confusing for players who spawn early because they wonder why they’re being killed. but they should be able to figure out what’s going on after a few rounds. if you wait to spawn after the mass slaughtering, you will be able to spawn immediately without being killed.

other than that slight annoyance and the possibility of players being team switched near the end of a round, it’s quite an intelligent script and would probably make the rounds a lot more fun and interesting.

what’s concerning me the most is the possibility of players getting switched just before the round ends. you know, fighting the whole round for your team only to get switched to the other team when there are only 10 tickets left…

so what if we use only the new round reorganization and disable the live balancer during rounds that are in progress? i’m probably going to do that before the weekend unless someone gives a good enough reason not to.

Is it possible to have the ability for the admins to move the players around different teams manually. In the event of getting “stacked”.

yes it’s possible but the problem with manual balancing is if a player doesn’t want to switch he might feel wrongfully singled out more so when a human forces him to the other team than when a computer does it. i know sometimes the server won’t let players switch when they want to so if they request to be switched and/or they are asked first only then do i think it’s acceptable for an admin to move them. i’m a big supporter of allowing players to control the gameplay no matter how messy it gets so the less interference from whatever they don’t have control over the better because then they can’t blame anyone but themselves and that’s what makes gaming so great in my opinion.

while we’re on the subject i want to let you know i’m not a fan of deployment protection because it goes against what i just said but we don’t really have a choice (unless you have a better idea) due to the way bfbc2 is designed. when deployments can be freely attacked just a couple of players can empty out the whole server by simply camping their enemy’s deployment. this is especially true for servers that run 24/7 maps with a lot of tickets.

ok this is now enabled on the Tokyo server. it reorganizes the teams at the beginning of each new round. anyone who gets moved to the opposite team is killed without gaining a death count. it doesn’t display any messages, so i’m adding this to the announcements:

teams are auto balanced when new rounds start. you may be killed and switched when this happens!

Balancer, if you would :slight_smile: thanks

atarashii o-tobaransu ga juusousaremashitanode, moshi chi-mu ga kawattara, skoa ga sagemasen!

(new autobalancing has been implemented, even if your team changes, your score won’t!)

the message we need to get across is that auto team balancing happens at the start of new rounds and it kills players at that time to move them around. we need to help the players understand why they may be killed when new rounds start.

atarashii o-tobaransu ga juusousaremashitanode, raundo sta-to de chi-mu kawaru kanousei ga arimasu

(new autobalancing has been implemented, there is a possibility of team switch at round start)


closer but not quite

more like:

“auto team balance occurs at round start, it may kill you and move you to the other team”

is that more clear? having a difficult time wording it myself

also enabled on the LA server

Hi izzy,

I understand you want a direct translation but I don’t know the correct form of the word ‘killed’ in the context of that message without it sounding weird. :o

Besides, in the event, they’ll die at the start of the round and come back on the opposite team without a death counted against them.

Actions speak louder than words (sometimes ;D)?

some people have no idea what’s going on when the balancing occurs. sometimes they ask why they died, why they’re on the other team, etc.

i want the message to help them understand why. we don’t need to say it’s a new feature and i suppose “killed” can be left out. just something simple like this is good:

“attention! auto balancing may switch you to the other team at round start”


“auto balancing occurs at round start, it may switch you to the other team”

if i leave out “atarashii” from your second translation (atarashii o-tobaransu ga juusousaremashitanode, raundo sta-to de chi-mu kawaru kanousei ga arimasu) would it translate to, “autobalancing has been implemented, there is a possibility of team switch at round start?”


Sorry must have been tired when I wrote that.

Anyway yeah you correctly determined that deleting ‘atarashii’,

(o-tobaransu ga juusousaremashitanode, raundo no sta-to de chi-mu kawaru kanousei ga arimasu)

makes it into:

(autobalancing has been implemented, there is a possibility of team switch at round start)

ok thanks we’ll just use that