Auto-Kick Griefers

This would help… Kinda

If someone destroys more than 60 blocks(Maybe more or less), they should get banned for an hour for griefing.

this idea has been presented A LOT and quite frankly it’s pretty inefficient. this causes issues if the player is sapping (destroying the other team’s structures) or cleaning up pixel art. the only efficient way to solve this problem is just to have admins /togglebuild the griefers and players /votekick them.

CraftDinur is right you can knock down most structures with 10 or so blocks so the best way is to BAN BAN BAN. i personally give out 5 day bans for griefing but thats me.

Or maybe we can have it such that enemy blocks don’t count towards the total.
Heck, enemy blocks shouldn’t be included in the griefed blocks count at all.

This would help.